Education MA


Education MA

Continuing Professional Development for Educational Professionals

The University offers a wide range of programmes, courses and activities for qualified teachers and the wider education workforce to enable them to enhance their professional practice and broaden their knowledge about contemporary issues whilst gaining accreditation in a range of qualifications, from Foundation Degree through to Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or a full Master's qualification. Our MA (Education) begins with a compulsory module ‘Exploring Research’, which is followed by a choice of modules. We also offer an MTL (Masters in Teaching and Learning) and specific modules with a maths focus. Our growing national and international portfolio enables the University to offer short courses, consultancy, project management, research and evaluation work to support all education professionals. We can deliver customised packages in different locations, according to their need. Conferences with seminars and workshops are also a popular feature of our provision. The University has developed a range of strategic partnerships, locally, nationally and internationally to support and endorse our work.


Course Information

The MA Education (MA(Ed)) is a flexible, well-established and successful programme that combines professional relevance with academic rigour in its examination and researching of practice nationally and in schools, colleges and other educational organisations.

(The programme is modular).

The twin purposes of the MA(Ed) are to enable teachers and other education professionals to:

·         Engage in critical reasoning and reflection-in-action, while deepening their understanding of situations at classroom, institution and national levels

·         Gain substantial and sustained opportunity to engage with the research of others, as well as design, produce and disseminate their own.


Indicative Course Content

Core Modules:

Exploring Research: informing and changing practice

This module has two main purposes. First, it acts as a springboard to your Level 7 studies and helps to ensure that you understand and are familiar with what is entailed in Level 7 work. Second it helps to ensure that you become actively engaged in research in your workplace and extend your understanding of a range of research methodologies. In this module you will engage in small scale research as well as study published educational research and engage in further independent learning.


Some of the Current Modules, include:

  • Behaviour and attendance in schools: new approaches to improving standards
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Educational Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • English - Aspiring Leaders: Contemporary Issues in English Education
  • Leading and Managing Learning and Teaching
  • Leading from the Middle
  • Maximising People Potential
  • Multisensory Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  • Resonance and Performance: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Management
  • Special Educational Needs: Contemporary Perspectives on Inclusive Education


We also offer school based modules such as the Independent Study and the Workplace Learning Development module; these allow schools to build on, and gain credit, for school centred projects.



To gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice students need to complete two 6,000-word modular assignments.


To gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice, students need to complete four 6,000-word modular assignments.


To gain an MA in Education, students need to complete four 6,000-word modular assignments and a dissertation of 18,000 words.



Part time (usually six semesters)


The delivery of most of our modules takes place at the Bognor Regis Campus of the University of Chichester, where full IT and library facilities are available for student access throughout the year.


A smaller range of modules is also offered at Hazelwick School near Crawley.

Venues: normally Tuesdays at Bognor and Wednesdays at Crawley (Hazelwick School)

5:30 – 8:00pm


Please note inclusion of  some Saturday sessions, 10am – 4pm, held at the Bognor Regis Campus

Full details are on the website: 


The duration of the Course is normally from a minimum of three years to a maximum of seven years.


What about earlier qualifications or experience?

Remission from one or more modules is possible for applicants who have undertaken other relevant advanced work at Chichester or elsewhere within the last five years. Please see "Advance Standing" on the application form.


Fact File
01243 812045/812141 or
Application Details: Direct - MA Education Curriculum.
Direct - MA Education. Indicative Modules
Direct - MA Education Inclusion.
Direct - MA Education Leadership and Management.
Length of Programme: Part Time (Usually Nine Terms). Normally from a minimum of three years to a maximum of seven years.
Entry Requirements: Normally a good first degree or equivalent and employment in the education sector. Hence teachers and any other professionals working in education are welcome to apply.
Exemption from a part of the Programme is often possible on the basis of recent qualifications obtained elsewhere.
Applications from non-standard entrants are also welcome.
Interview: No
Campus Info: Bognor Regis Campus