Mathematics Enhancement Course (MEC)

Mathematics Enhancement Course (MEC)

Mathematics Enhancement Course

Prospective trainees who are interested in Mathematics but did not have much maths in their degree (or feel it may be a little rusty) may be interested in our Mathematics Enhancement course. The MEC is designed to open up fresh opportunities for careers in Secondary Mathematics teaching to a large number of graduates of all ages who will previously have been ineligible because of their first degree choice of subject.

The MEC aims to enhance the breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of mathematics, so as to enable participants to go on to achieve successful completion of a Secondary Mathematics ITT route, whether via PGCE or GTP.

Other short courses, known as “Pre-MEC”, “Post-MEC”, “MASK” (Mathematics Advancing Subject Knowledge) and “MASK plus” are also available, covering subject knowledge for teachers from the beginning of Secondary school to an introduction to the big ideas of university level mathematics and beyond.  A flexible programme made up from these different courses can be developed that meets the needs of each individual student.

I am eligible?

Graduates in any subject who have some maths in their background, such as an A-level in a mathematics subject are eligible. We will help you to assess whether you have what it takes to start the course, and advise you if not as to how to make yourself more qualified

If you are unsure of the equivalence of your qualifications, contact us for free advice.


A training bursary of £4800 will be paid to students on the Mathematics Enhancement Course. No fees are payable for the course and no top-up fees apply either.

The core MEC runs from mid-January to early July. It contains over 400 hours of tutor-led studies, including 8 days of placement in a partnership secondary school to undertake specific tasks. Most MEC weeks involve 4 campus or school-based days, plus one day of directed study. Exceptions are directed study weeks at both school half-terms and for two weeks at Easter.


For Advice or more information please contact Jeremy Smith (PGCE coordinator at Chichester and MEC tutor) at, or Adrian Pinel, (SKE Co-ordinator) at  If you would prefer to have an informal chat about your options with a friendly voice, then you can call Jeremy at his desk on 01243 812069.


Telephone:  01243 812069 

Or write to: MEC, c/o Louise Butterworth, School of Teacher Education, Bognor Regis Campus, University of Chichester, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR.


Fact File
01243 812069 or
Application Details: Direct - Maths Enhancement Course.
Length of Programme: 6 Months Full Time (this is an accelerated course, so plan for it on that basis)
Entry Requirements: First degree should normally contain LESS than 50% of mathematical content, and may contain no mathematics at all An A2 in Mathematics is normally required, although equivalences will be considered GCSE (Minimum Grade C) /’0’ Levels – in English Language and Mathematics– note that English Language Equivalency Tests are possible Conditional acceptance on a PGCE or other ITT route into Secondary Maths in the region before the start of the MEC course in January each year As a school placement is involved, all successful applicants will have to obtain an Enhanced Disclosure from the DBS and complete a satisfactory Medical Declaration before commencement of the course
Interview: All applicants who meet the TDA's entrance criteria, or have sufficient equivalence in their application details, are interviewed for PGCE or GTP and referred for a MEC place.
Campus Info: Bognor Regis Campus
Combinations: No combined courses